South Luangwa National Park, Zambia May 2013 – Part 3

For our penultimate day on safari we decided to opt for a full day safari, from 6.00am to 7.30pm, which whilst was exhausting from the time spent in the sun was very rewarding. The day started with our first (and last) sighting of lions in Zambia close to Luangwa River Camp, despite heading northwards into a more arid area known as Lion Plains later that day. This did not bother us particularly, as it provided time to look at other things that are often over looked when the predators steel the lime light such as enjoying huge flocks of Lilian’s Lovebirds (a Near Threatened species due to its decline), watching a martial eagle enjoy its lunch of a monitor lizard and a chameleon going about its business.

South Luangwa is the birth place of the walking safari therefore for our final day’s activity we choose to experience this. After our usual breakfast around the campfire the two of us headed out with our guide, scout and one of the junior camp staff (the ratio of staff to the two of us did seem abit OTT!). We quickly spotted elephants in the distance, so we were lead to get a better view of the family group, with the guide positioning us perfectly with spot on timing for us to witness a family group emerge out of the bushes 20m or so in front of us. As the elephants (including a baby) walked by a family group of Thornicroft’s Giraffe appeared (a unique subspecies only found in the Luangwa Valley). The mother and two young were more timid and kept behind some bushes, while the male was more curious and strolled towards us to get a closer view, however on realising that we were not that interesting went back to enjoying its breakfast. A perfect end to a great holiday. more…

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