In my free time when I’m not doing my day job I enjoy my two main passions in life; photography and travel. Both of these interests were installed into me at a young age and I was fortunate to travel with my parents during my childhood. This exposure to the world has fueled my desire to explore it and has given me the confidence to do so. Whilst I am definitely not a luxury traveller by any means, only having only a limited budget to spend on travel after having paid out for the day to day things in life, I’m not really the backpacking type either.

Photography. I love it. This like travelling was introduced to me when I was young, receiving my first camera when I was just seven, then during my early teens my father taught me to use a SLR. Over time this hobby has grown and is now shared with my husband who is a keen photographer and my avid travel companion.

So what’s with the name Sunrise Adventures? As you may or may not have guessed by now I’m a big fan of early starts loving to be out on the road well before sunrise to take advantage of that lovely golden light sunrise brings. This also being the perfect time to view wildlife as they bath in the warmth the new day brings or continue to defend their patch with their morning song. The Adventures element of my name relates to my love of travel and exploring new places whether close to home or further afield.

My top five destinations to date:aSamburu, Kenya – Samburu made me fall in love with safari and fueled my enthusiasm to explore Africa further. It was also an eye opener making me realise that up until that point I had not taken enough time to notice the bird and wildlife within my local area, which has unlocked a whole new world where now even a walk to my local shops can provide much enjoyment.

The ForumRome, Italy – I discovered Rome in my early twenties and have since returned again recently. I love the history, culture,architecture and not forgetting world famous gelato ice cream this city has to offer.

aFlorida, USA – I spent several weeks road tripping around Florida several years back and fell for its incredible diverse landscapes, from the tropical Keys to the sub tropics of the Everglades and central Florida. These changes create a varied habitats making for spectacular bird and wildlife viewing.

Image 1.3South Luangwa, Zambia – A beautiful place that is home to the walking safari which takes you to the edge of your comfort zone, never knowing what will be around the next corner!

2.0 North Norfolk Coast, England –  Whilst this is much closer to home than my other destinations I love the North Norfolk coast. Nothing beats getting up early to go for a long walk on a sunny winters day along our stunning coastline. It is also a great spot for watching migrant birds entering and leaving the country as well as watching seals caring for their young.

I hope you can join me as I share some of my favourite places, photos, travel tales and the occasional tip.  I always love hearing from my readers so please do leave a comment or just say hello.


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  1. Your favorite destinations sound wonderful! And you have the right idea – early is the best time of day. We got in that habit when we lived in California. It was more of necessity at the time (to avoid traffic jams). Now we always head out to enjoy the peacefulness of early morning. Happy traveling!

  2. Your pictures are incredible. I mean, like WOW. I just spend half an hour on here and still haven’t had enough! You have me in a total state of trance, seriously 🙂 I don’t think that “awesome” comes close to how I feel about your pictures from Utah (they totally inspired me to go there myself!)
    I am looking forward to very many wonderful pictures on here! Greetings! 😀

    • Hi Suze, wow what a compliment, you have made my day! Thanks for visiting and introducing me to your blog. I’m excited to explore your world further, especially the posts on Namibia as it’s a place I’ve always fancied visiting. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos of one of my favourite places too! I’ve posted about Norfolk a few times, or should I say The Norfolk Broads. Growing up we took our holidays on the Broads every year. I have very precious memories of our times spent there! Thanks for coming over to my blog, lovely to meet you 🙂 Sherri

    • Hi Sherri, thanks for visiting and stopping for a chat. I’m glad that you also have experienced the charm of Norfolk in particular the Broads. Its beauty and my own happy memories of this area resulted in me getting married there two years ago. I look forward to reading your accounts of the Broads 🙂

      • How lovely to get married there! My grandfather started the family tradition of going on the Broads in the 30s and it carried on from there! I look forward to your visit. I’ve written about the Broads under my Family Life Category so hopefully you’ll find something there that catches your eye! 🙂

  4. Hi there. I see you liked some of my posts so I was checking out your blog. Can we switch blogs, I mean lives? lol Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is all I can say! I love traveling but it is hard to do with children. I am so very happy for you! Much love and happy travels!

    • Hi Emma, thanks for stopping by and being my newest follower 🙂 You are right travelling is extremely addictive and I have been fortunate to be able to explore some incredible places. As my day job doesn’t involve much travel it does mean I have to save hard to make it happen as well as trying to make the most of any opportunity that allows me to travel such as visiting friends and family.

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