My Travels

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – Aurelius Augustinus (354 -430)

This is a place for me to list my travels and an easy way for you to read about the destinations you want.  If it’s not linked it’s on it’s way and if it is, click on the destination and you’ll be taken to a beautiful world…

02-03/2014 Tanzania

01/2014 London, England

12/2013 Edinburgh, Scotland

09/2013 Nevada, USA

09/2013 Utah, USA

09/2013 Colorado, USA

09/2013 Arizona, USA

07/2013 Wiltshire, England

05/2013 South Luangwa & Lusaka, Zambia

01/2013 Norfolk, England

10/2012 Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire

10/2012 Warwickshire, England

10, 2012 Lincoln, England

09/2012 Rome, Italy

06/2012 Mauritius

06/2012 Masai Mara, Kenya

06/2012 Buffalo Springs, Kenya

06/2012 Samburu, Kenya

06/2012 Nairobi, Kenya

09/2011 Somerset & Wiltshire, England

05/2011 Florida, USA

03/2011 Isle of Islay, Scotland

01/2011 London, England

10/2010 Argyll, Scotland

10/2010 Isle of Islay, Scotland

09/2010 London, England

07/2010 Peak District, England

05/2010 Surrey, England

01/2010 London, England

11/2009 Canterbury, England

08/2009 Bedfordshire, England

05/2009 Paris, France

02/2009 London, England

01/2009 Cley next the Sea, Norfolk, England

11/2008 Coventry, England

09/2008 Vienna, Austria

09/2008 Trnava, Slovakia

09/2008 Bratislava, Slovakia

08/2008 V Festival, England

05/2008 Belfast, Northern Ireland

04/2008 Brussels, Belgium

03/2008 Derbyshire, England

03/2008 Hertfordshire, England

03/2008 Oslo, Norway

09/2007 Cork, Ireland

08/2007 Isle of Mull, Scotland

04/2007 Rome, Italy

09/2006 Ireland

08/2006 Luxemburg City, Luxembourg

08/2006 Freiburg, Germany

08/2006 Lech, Austria

08/2006 Munich, Germany

08/2006 Heidelberg, Germany

08/2006 Cologne, Germany

08/2006 Ghent, Belguim

08/2006 Yosemite National Park, CA, USA

08/2005 Reno, NV, USA

08/2005 Shasta Lake, CA, USA

07/2006 Lassen National Forest, CA, USA

07/2005 Mendocino, CA, USA

07/2005 Santa Rosa, CA, USA

07/2005 San Fransisco, CA, USA


9 thoughts on “My Travels

  1. The best education by far. The banner photo looks like it should be Scotland – Tobermory and Mull by any chance? Where are you based? I see there are plenty more countries to visit and broaden the education 😉

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